Result: You’re emo around the edges.

You’re not the emo-est of quiz-takers, but you lean in an emo direction. You feel angry and passionate on a regular basis, but you also have an easygoing side that keeps you grounded. You’re naturally introspective, but you’re not compelled to analyze every detail of your life—sometimes you’d rather shrug your shoulders and get on with the day. You understand why your emo friends seem so sensitive, but you also get why that drives your non-emo friends crazy. You’re the happy medium of emo-ness! Not happy in the middle?

Willst auch du wissen wie Emo du bist? Hier entlang.


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  1. uarrr

    Emo? No.

    Sensitivity is overrated, right? When you catch yourself letting personal feelings weigh you down, you force yourself to shake them off, say „Whatever!“ and move on. Everyone’s got an emo side, but you keep yours so hidden that even your closest friends don’t realize it’s there. Your idea of introspection? Taking an online personality quiz. It’s fast, easy, and relatively painless—unless you’re offended that you got the „non-emo“ result. Hey, you can always try the quiz again, or send it to a friend for a second opinion!

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